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Abigail Ory releases new video for 'Waves'

Words by - Molly McShane

Abigail Ory’s new song “Waves” is the perfect blend of pop and rock. Right from the start, Ory's vocals take me back to music my mom listened to on long car rides and  immerse the listener in nostalgia with her effortlessly cool voice. This song truly shows off how cool and dynamic her voice is.There are moments in this song that her voice is extremely powerful, where she is belting in the chorus and you can feel exactly what she means when she sing, “Waves roll on the waking light/ stars fade back into the night/ I can Finally hear you sing”.   This counters beautifully to the softness of the outro, here it seems to float above the drone of the electrical guitar. Abigail's voice with the rockyness of the electric guitar is perfectly fitting the metaphor of  treacherous ocean tide is like love slipping away.  

Waves is the perfect release for anyone who has recently been through a break-up, it's the perfect summer breakup anthem.

Keep up to date with all things Abigail Ory here . 'Waves' is set to premiere on July 8th.

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