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Meet The Team

Gabby Cabacab


Based in New Hampshire, I am a dietetic intern by day and a concert photographer by night, so you can say that I live a double life. Music photography is my preferred artistic medium because it is a combination of my passion for live music & capturing raw, emotive honesty. My goal is to show the world what I see upon hearing a melody; To artistically interpret the vulnerability that artists expose on stage.

Christina Morgan


I am writer/photographer from Long Island, New York, primarily rooted in the music scene. The majority of my photographs consist of portraits and concert photography. I like to experiment with color and perspective. More than anything, I want my work to make people feel something, and get a sense of the atmosphere in which the photo was taken. For me, the most important aspect of the work I do is having the ability to capture the raw emotion on and off stage. 

Ellie McIntyre

Contributing Photographer

Ellie is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist from NYC. After graduating from The New School, she dreamt of becoming a tour photographer and traveling with bands to capture the intimate and candid moments of the artists and friends on and off the stage. Her background in painting and overall excitement for the study of art has definitely helped fuel her passion for photography. Ellie is probably one of the most extroverted extroverts you can meet, She has an immense love for people, and sharing with them what she sees, creates, and shoots. 

Rebecca Mae 

Contributing Photographer

Rebecca Mae is a Pennsylvania-based music and portrait photographer. With only a year of experience behind her, she has shot acts like Death Cab For Cutie, Dropkick Murphys, Waterparks, and NEEDTOBREATHE, and has been a photographer for multiple publications. Rebecca has a true and driving passion for photography and visual arts, and strives to become a full-time music photographer.

Jamary Bobe 

Contributing Photographer

 Jamary, or Jay for short is a 22 year old photographer from New York/New Jersey. She specializes in Music, lifestyle, and MMA Photography. Jamary also enjoys books, movies, and of course puppies. She's usually at a pop-punk concert and did she mention, her favorite band is State Champs ?

Jas Calcitas

Contributing Photographer

Vancouver-born artist, Jasmine Calcitas, developed a passion for concert photography after they attended their first concert at the age of thirteen. The intimate performances and emotional cheers sparked a desire to capture the special moments between the performers and the audience.

Shauna Hilferty

Contributing Writer/Photographer

Based in Philadelphia, NYC, and varying concert venues and coffee shops in between. 

Shauna's favorite day of the year is when the Spotify Wrapped comes out. 

Manda Elman


Based in Tampa, Fl.
 I am a 20 year old graphic designer originally from New York. I pull inspiration from punk music, nostalgia, and personal notes. 

From a young age, I knew music was what I wanted to work in. I truthfully believe music goes beyond the barricade, and I help bridge that gap.  I’m currently listening to Joe Jackson, and currently working on a bunch of new merch, posters and marketing collateral for bands :)!

Samantha Klopp


I'm a photographer from Portland, Oregon. I first got into photography about five years ago and since then haven't been able to put down the camera! 

My main passion is photographing artists at shows. Something about capturing someone on stage in love with what they're doing is so inspiring. While I mainly shoot digital, over the last two years I have also fallen in love with 35mm film and have started to shoot that at shows! 

Even on my off time, you can usually find me around town with my film camera in hand ready to capture whatever moments life throws at me next.

Sophie Schmied

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