At Capacity

The Editors on At Capacity 

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Words from Christina

At Capacity is the creative brainchild that came about one day over smoothies & coffee. We wanted to create a creative, safe space for all and any artists to feature their work. At Cap is really a collaborative zine where anything is possible. We have writers, photographers, painters, illustrators, and so much more. This is only the beginning, but I see a bright future for us.

Words from Gabby

Christina and I were sitting in a coffee shop one day when I randomly brought up how I really wanted to start a publication but had no idea how to get started. I guess the stars were aligned that day because they told me the same and next thing you know we took the leap and went for it. Our goal is to create a safe space for all artists, whether they are contributors or not, to showcase their art or words. Everyday, we are learning more and more about this little zine of ours and we cannot wait to see how much it grows. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

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