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AJ Mitchell releases new music video for 'Down In Flames'

photo credit: Faith Joyvonwords: Christina Morgan 

If you’re looking for a little pick me up to get you out of the quarantine slump and into the spirit of summer, look no further than AJ Mitchell. The Illinois turned LA transplant paired up with Kyle Goldberg to shoot a brand new music video for his single ‘Down In Flames'. In the single, Mitchell explores the avenues of a tumultuous relationship, as well as the current state of the world. The literal and figurative ‘hurt’ felt manifests itself through the battered protagonist throughout the video. The singer’s juxtaposition of beauty/destruction within nature as well as the physical being show his selfless dedication of bringing serious issues to light through his musical expression. 

With musicality reminiscent of the modern-day 5 Seconds of Summer, ‘Down In Flames’  is a must-have on all your spring/summer playlists. Although faced with what seems to be a troubling situation, the singer remains hopeful with the lyrics “know we’ll find the exit signs and we’re gonna be okay” and “I’ll be here ‘til the end, I won’t go away.” Mitchell’s catchy chorus, and eminent emotional release through his lyrics, provides connection through relatability to the average listener. With over 8 million monthly Spotify listeners, and 1.5 million followers on Instagram, AJ Mitchell is an artist to keep on your radar for years to come. 

Watch the video for 'Down In Flames' HERE

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