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The jaws of everyone inside the venue dropped when the girls in Meet Me @ the Altar jumped on stage. The band had the crowd wrapped around their finger, making them all get down and jump up when the breakdown of their song “Switchblade” hit, making them dance to their new song, played for the first time live, and more importantly, making them smile and have a great time. Meet Me @ the Altar is here to show that they are not afraid, and that they are here to stay. Ada, Edith, and Tea, all young women of color from different states (New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida) have put their heart and soul into to this band, making it thrive in the pop punk scene. After finishing their set at a battle of the bands to play So What?! Fest in Texas, they had a few words with us.

What is the story of MMATA?

Ada: I do youtube videos, and in 2015 Tea saw my cover of a 21 pilots song, and she messaged me and was like “Hey! Let’s be friends!” and turns out she was an incredible guitarist, and then we literally created a band right away. From the get go, it was met to be. We met everyone else on the way after that

Tea: We met Edith in 2015 cause she auditioned for [us], and we ended up choosing a different singer, but I feel like we weren’t ready for her at the time and she wasn’t ready for us. She joined in 2017, it was just Ada and I for a while, and we [finally] decided to add another person in the band, so we hit up Edith after she was bugging us for like 7 months!

Edith: I legit bugged them! For some reason, when I didn’t get it, I wasn’t upset because I knew I was gonna get it eventually, so I kept tabs on them, I was following them, I was supporting them, and I annoyed them so much until it was my time.

Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

Tea: Paramore collectively for all of us. I want to be on their level of songwriting

Edith: And as a vocalist Hayley is amazing

Ada: The musicality of everything in Paramore is always structured perfect, so yeah, definitely them.

What’s your favorite song/songs to play live?

Ada: I love playing Changing States.Always will, I don’t know why, but it’s always a perfect ender whenever we play it. Especially on tour. I just love playing that song.

Edith: I really like Switchblade, it’s a lot of energy

Tea: For me it’s an unreleased song called Metanoia, it’s super fun to play, it’s a lot of energy.

You guys were on your first tour in December/January. How was that?

Edith: Amazing. The best week of my life

Ada: So much fun. It was so great traveling the East Coast with my best friends

Tea: We got to meet a lot of new people, which was awesome.

Who was your favorite band that you’ve played a show with, and who else would you like to play with?

Edith: Belmont obviously. I love Belmont

Tea: From tour there was this band from North Carolina called Kundato. They’re super great guys, and their music is super good

Edith: There’s also this band from the North called Piqued, and they’re SO SO SO good

Ada: The sweetest people on the planet.

Edith: Oh and we want to tour with Belmont. That’s like our number one goal.

Tea: Well, our number one is Paramore, but that’s like more realistic

What do you feel are the biggest challenges that you guys face?

Ada: Being taken seriously

Tea: Yeah people really underestimate us

Edith: Well yeah, because when you’re [in a scene] with privileged white people, or just white people in general, it’s like, when people see us, they don’t really expect us to be good, or know what to expect in general, and already as girls in the scene it’s [hard]

Ada: Yeah, and also because we’re so young too people think “Oh, you’re inexperienced”

Tea: It’s kind of cool though because we blow their minds

Edith: And they end up digging us a lot

You’re all from different states, how do you make the band work?

Ada: Technology. Keeping in contact all the time

Tea: Communication. That’s like the number one thing. We all have to hold our weight when we’re not together, because we’re together so rarely. So it’s a lot of texting, and keeping in touch with each other, making sure that we’re all on the same page, so that when we are together, the few times, it goes really smoothly.

The Battle of the Bands is for So What?! Fest. What would playing So What?! Fest mean to you?

Tea: It would be awesome. That would be our first time playing an actual festival. We’ve played some smaller ones, but that would be our first legit festival.

Ada: Not to mention the lineup is insane

Tea: We would be playing in front of so many people, and we’ve never played for that many people before

Edith: It would be really good for exposure too. I’m glad that this battle of the bands isn’t only based on ticket sales because there’s one spot for whoever has the most ticket sales and one spot for if they like [a band] a lot

Tea: I definitely think we’re up there

How are you most comfortable playing a set?

Edith: I find it most easy to perform in front of a lot of people, which is kinda weird, but when we’re not moving a crowd it’s kind of awkward

Ada: You think to much when there’s a lot of people

Tea: The crowd [today] was a lot more fun than we expected, we had a lot of fun. I think that was the most fun shows we’ve ever played. The crowd was really fun, we made them all jump a lot.

Ada: We were a lot more comfortable at this show too.

What’s next for MMATA?

Tea: We have an EP we’re recording in May, it’s gonna be released in July. We’re filming a music video for that too, which is awesome. The EP is called Bigger Than Me, we definitely think it’s our best work. It’s gonna be produced for real this time instead just of by us.

Edith: We’re putting in a lot of time, money and effort into it. We’re recording with Roy Rogly, he produced Belmont, which is amazing

Ada: He recorded their album Between You and Me, which is such an influential album to us.

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