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ANTIBOY releases rendition of 'Bang Bang' by Sinatra 

Words by Sophie Schmied

ANTIBOY’s new single 'Bang Bang' is a reinterpretation of Nancy Sinatra’s classic hit, 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'. 

The track opens with toy piano-like sounds creating an unsettling vibe, but keeps you intrigued for what’s to come next. Harry’s ghostly and monotone voice represent the almost haunting vibe of the original. Mixing the classic slow paced song with his almost spoken vocals, the listener is due for some excitement. And that excitement comes in after the chorus. The chorus is followed up by techno sounds leading the rest of the song to have more of an upbeat finish. 

The music video sets the viewer up to believe they’re in a video game utopia. It was Harry’s vision to have a music video that mixed the constructs of music and video games. In addition, the distortions to Harry’s voice along with the upbeat ending add to the intensity of the music video. Overall, the track and music video blend perfectly together to create an alternate mindset for the listener.

Stream the new single and stay tuned for the music video release on August 19th!

Watch the brand new video for 'Bang Bang' above!! 

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