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The Ghost Club releases new single  'Same Graves' 

Words - Sophie Schmied

Ghost Club’s new single 'Same Graves', out August 21st, sheds light on a very relevant issue; social status. The opening mix of bass and synth create a spooky but catchy vibe that carries throughout the song. The almost spoken verses help build to the strong vocals in the pre-chorus which then leads into the chorus relaying the message, “social status just wont change the fact that we all share the same graves”. 

The lyrics throughout the song bring a lot of self reflection and self realization as the mantra in the chorus is repeated in the track. As if the lyrics weren’t relatable enough, the music video really helps push the meaning of the song even farther. The animated music video helps portray the idea that humans tend to get stuck in this repetitive cycle of life. 

In times like the ones we are presented in now, songs like “Same Graves” drives the main purpose of, we are all humans and we will all end up in the same place in the end so try not to get caught up in social norms or status. The song provides reassurance that many feel the way the artist does. 

Click below to stream “Same Graves” and discover more of Ghost Club’s music!

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