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Photo: Anthony Campusano // Words: Christina Morgan 

Stay Over releases new track ‘IDKATL’

In his latest single ‘IDKATL’, LA-based musician Stay Over focuses on the importance of mental health.  He explores the idea of not being okay, when happiness is something consistently pushed on not only the general public, but those in the public eye as well. The lyrics “I’ve been a bad bad friend, I’m sorry, I’ve been in my head…. I need reassurance…” begin the song with a cue to what’s been eating at the subject, and their need for a positive impact on their mental health. Although the song starts with tiptoeing around the experience of someone struggling with mental health issues, it quickly evolves into a kind of consolation anthem about how “it’s okay not to be okay” and the true importance of recognizing when you need help.

The evolution of sad alt/indie single to ‘must-have’ summer playlist jam is not only reflected in StayOver’s lyrical use, but the more upbeat progression of electronic beats, to an earlier 2000s-esque rock melody. To quote the artist, This song is about someone trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in their head…. trying to navigate this thing we call life. Torn between feeling too much and wanting to be numb.I hope this song brings people some peace in knowing that we all go through the same shit internally…It’s good to question everything. No matter what, we have to keep moving.”

With a varied sound that seems to draw inspiration from Blackbear and in actuality artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Stay Over demonstrates his capability to create diverse, genre-bending work that appeals to more than just the average listener. Stay Over’s ability to create such an uplifting anthem for youth especially to look up to and recognize themselves within, seems to predict a successful future for his yet to come music endeavors. ‘IDKATL’ is sure to be on all of your summer playlists, from long road trips to kicking back with your friends.

Make sure to keep up to date on all things Stay Over, and listen to ‘IDKATL’ here.

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