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JanaeSound talks new single 'Feared' and Juneteenth

Words: Jas Calcitas

How are you doing lately? How has your quarantine been?

I'm doing really well today! I have my health and so many things to be to grateful for. Some days are worse than others but im hanging in there!

I’m very inspired and intrigued with the events you’ve produced such as “Juneteenth!” and “BeyDay”, I was wondering what the process of producing an event like “Juneteenth!” during a pandemic was like?

Thank you. Juneteenth was so much fun. She went from pitch to Livestream in 9 days. There were so many moving parts. I curated, produced and performed in the show. I had a blast picking the talent and going over their set with them. I loved designing the graphics and editing all of the raw footage was an incredible experience. I stayed awake for 30 hours to get it done with my team, which includes a mad scientist and badass names Nick Hall. State took extreme precautions to keep everyone safe so the show was filmed in segments with a very small crew. And of course, all of the gear was replaced for each act.  I'm so grateful the venue loved the vision and just let me do my thing. None of the artists from Juneteenth had ever played State Theatre before and had to do so without an audience. I'm so proud of all of the energy they brought. I'm so grateful that we raised 10k for local organizations that empower Portlands Black Community.

Congratulations on the new single, “Feared”! What are some of the key elements that helped you define your sound?

Thank you so much! I was inspired by D'yer Maker by Led Zeppelin. 

Can you share a bit about the creative process behind the track?

I worked with Kevin Billingslea at Halo Studios to bring it to life. I wanted something that just didn't sound like anyone else. I hope we accomplished that.

How has quarantine impacted your creative process?

I'm more emotional and making way more music. It's literally pouring out of me, haha!

Lyrically or sonically, do you find yourselves drawn to a common theme these days?

I've always written uplifting songs about conquering an obstacle or overcoming difficult situations. Lately, I've been writing more about the pain and struggle when I face and obstacle -- my songs focus more on that tough moment when your world falls apart rather than when you are ready to pick up the pieces.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music? 

I want listeners to feel like they can do anything when they listen to my songs.

Are there any artists (of any medium) that have shaped you / your music lately? 

I will always love Prince and Nina Simone.

How have you seen your creative aesthetic evolve over the years? 

I haven't really stepped back to look at any evolution, honestly. I just try to stick to the present moment and my art reflects how I feel in that moment. I flipped through a few pictures just now and boy what a difference 

What do you want people to know about you as an artist?

That I am deeply committed to my community and love uplifting black talent. 

Lastly, I know it is currently a bit tough to predict but what’s next for you?

I've started a educational nonprofit that is the intersection of music and tech. More on that later, haha!

Thank you for giving me space to share my story. Sending love!

To keep up to date with all things Janae, click here. Listen to 'Feared' below !!

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