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Jet Black Alley Cat releases "Paralyzed"

Words: Shauna Hilferty // Photos: Jacob E Tovar

The Nashville-based, pop-rock ensemble, Jet Black Alley Cat invites you to take a step back in time with their latest single “Paralyzed.” This discotheque love song tells the story of being captivated by another in such a way that is all-consuming both physically and emotionally. Heavy with the synths yet simple with the lyrics, “Paralyzed” is a three minute and eight second disco-dance party --  best played after midnight. 

It was in December of 2020 that JBAC hinted at their new release. “Paralyzed” is the newest of their final record coming after with a whopping 17,000 streams within a week of its release. The band’s latest post with the ambiguous caption “this month .” hints at new music right around the corner. 

I got the chance to chat with JBAC for At Capacity on their single, their inspiration, and what exactly “this month .” entails!

1. Tell us about where the band name originated! 

The name came out of nowhere while I was walking downstairs at the theater I worked at at the time. I don’t know it just felt like it fit how we saw ourselves. 

2. What has JBAC been doing to keep busy during quarantine besides working on Mad Disco 70s Lovers?

Honestly most of our time was spent going back and forth with mixes from LA. That took a large portion of our time because this process was so different from the others. Besides that we shot multiple videos with record content shoots off and on all year. It was a weird year obviously. 

3. Was the recording process for this single any different as compared to past releases, especially now during the pandemic? 

It was very different. I got sick at the beginning of the recording process so the guys flew to Los Angeles and did a big portion of the record. Then months later when I was well, Bryant and I flew out and finished the rest of it. That’s never been the case that we all weren’t in the room completing it at the same time. So this was much different. 

4. Where did you draw the inspiration for the 80s synth and guitar riff in “Paralyzed?” How about in the upcoming Mad Disco 70s Lovers?

The sound was built from a bass riff honestly. Those voice vocals that kinda sound like a synth at the top & in the choruses were originally the melody to a bass part. We were stuck on it for a while, then decided it made more sense as a hook melody so the bass could simplify. That was what started the trend to the rest of the song. This record has its own sound from song to song, but I believe it all finds cohesiveness together. 

5. Did JBAC come across any obstacles while writing the single?

Mostly deciding what role the bass needed to play. Early on it was very active and almost too melodic. We changed that and re-worked the chorus & the song finally took shape. 

6. “Paralyzed” is the perfect track for a dance party. What are 5 songs that make you want to dance? 

  • “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan 
  • “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd 
  • “Dancing Queen” by ABBA 
  • “Redbone” by Childish Gambino 
  • “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga 

7. Can fans expect a music video or visual to go along with this single?

There will be no music video with this single. But there will be one more with another song coming off the record.

8. What do you want fans to take away from “Paralyzed?” And why? 

To be consumed in the things that are good. Cause it won’t always stay that way, so soak it up & make those moments count. 

9. What is Jet Black Alley Cat most looking forward to this upcoming year? 

This record to be out & being able to put a bow on such a special time in our lives; a time that we took a chance and chased our dreams. Much love to each of you for the relationships and experiences together. Jetblack forever. 

Check out "Paralyzed" below!! 

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