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Jeff Draco’s Dreamgirl is what your summer playlist has been dreaming of...

By Shauna Hilferty 

21 year-old singer, songwriter, (and soon to be skater boy) Jeff Draco gives summer love a new track with his most recent release Dreamgirl !

Written, performed, and produced by Jeff himself in a cabin in spring of 2020 alongside some of his closest friends, the new single follows the classic boy meets girl story but with a twist. Draco sings about a girl that feels like a dream, and leaves as quickly as she comes. 

Jeff shared with At Capacity exclusive photos  from the cabin where the writing process of Dreamgirl began. Jeff also sat down with us to talk more in depth about the release! 

What inspired the sound, the subject, and the production of Dreamgirl?

It was during the first quarantine, I was just in my basement at my parents’ house just working on music all the time. I wrote it then. I’d say The Cure was definitely the inspiration for that just a lot of the tones itself and guitar style. I was listening to more like indie pop kind of stuff and just - with my new songs - go in a slightly more pop-oriented direction. But I didn’t want to lose the indie rock sound either. 

So I’ve been trying to figure out my sounds in that way. I feel like this song is a very good representation of what I want my sound to be perceived as or where my sound is going with these next coming songs. I feel like it’s a good precursor to that.

Writing the song itself, I was in this period where I was wanting to write songs that told a story or wasn’t about me or anything. Just telling a fictional story that can apply to someone. Just like a summer love song kind of thing. 

Production wise, in January it was George, Josh and I and a few of our friends and we just went to a cabin in Shenandoah Virginia, and we just brought all of our gear with us and everything and set up a studio there. It was like three or four days, nonstop just recording and working on stuff and Dreamgirl was kind of the first and main song that we were working on the hardest. We all kind of felt that it was the best one. 

All ourselves, the vocals were recorded in the bathroom. Super tiny little bathroom. We shut the door and had our cables reaching all the way across the room and then hit record. George would be outside the door. 

What are your favorite lyrics in Dreamgirl and why? 

Let me pull up the lyrics. 

George, do you have a favorite lyric? 

I think for me, it’s the beginning of the second verse 

"My heart's beating as you’re shaking the floor

So move your feet and just break it some more..."

I was having so much trouble figuring out what the second verse should be and it was something that clicked with that one. 

If you had to pick any movie, what soundtrack would the song fit best in? 

Oh this is a good one! I don’t know. What’s the movie from the 90s. They rollerblade and stuff! Airborne 1993. It has a 21% on Rotten Tomatoes but I don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes. 93% of Google Users like this movie so, we’ll take it! Think rollerblading down a hill in California. 

What has been your favorite way to unwind when not writing music? 

Honestly, for the past month or so, I’ve been trying to learn how to skate. I have this weird cruiser board, like a modified regular board. The weather’s been getting nice out finally so I’ve been skating around parks and neighborhoods just trying to figure it out. George and Josh can both skate...but I am on my way. I just figured out how to push correctly, baby steps.

What is something you’d like your listeners to take away from the single?

For anyone who hasn’t heard my music before, I think it’s a good representation of my sound and where I want to go with it. Like a “don’t worry about everything” a more carefree feeling. In the car, put the windows down, turn the music all the way up - that kind of thing. Like in high school, I grew up in a very rural suburb and that’s what we’d do for fun. Just drive around and blast music out the windows. Go to the beach, get outside, enjoy the sun! 

When can fans expect new music?

I’m planning on trying to put out music on a routine release pattern. Like the next few months, so probably before the end of July. So hopefully a month after Dreamgirl !

Listen to 'Dreamgirl' below, and check out Jeff Draco's socials!



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