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kennedi- 'apology'

LA-Based artist kennedi, is making moves with her new track ‘apology’.Starting with a melody of keys reminiscent of the late 2000s teen drama‘Skins’, kennedi shows off her unique artistry in a new and exciting way. Saturatedin pastel lavender, and hues of blue, the overall haziness and laidback vibethat is exhibited in her visualizer video for the song only adds to the track’scharisma. Touching upon a past heartbreak, kennedi explores the aftermath of abreak up through a sentimental item, specifically an old t-shirt belonging to apast lover, while feeling guilty about the possibility of being with someonenew.

Witha catchy chorus, and bass-heavy beat, the song will definitely put kennedi onyour radar, for months to come. ‘apology’ is sure to be on many summer playlists. 

Keep up with all things kennedi by checking out her instagram below! Watch 'apology' for yourself here.

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