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KIDS premiere new album 'Lost Cities' - REVIEW

words: Sophie Schmied

KIDS released their latest album “Lost Cities” on July 31st. Midway through the summer this is the perfect album to carry you into the fall. The band released three singles prior to the album, “Visitors” “All Smoke, No Fire” and “Pale Horse”. These singles gave fans a taste of the ride KIDS was going to take them on with the album. This five piece indie-rock band uses the perfect blend of loud and catchy to keep you dancing along for the entire record.The opening track of “Arrival” creates a sense of ascension and space-like feel. Nothing screams summer more than the second track “Stay”. With loud techno sounds opening the song and a catchy chorus, this song is bound to be a favorite. As the album proceeds, it continues with big choruses that are easy to sing along to. You won’t be able to get songs like “Dry Bones” and “All Smoke, No Fire” out of your head.
Throughout the whole album, your body can’t help but move along to the alternative summer vibes. KIDS wrap up “Lost Cities” with “Departure”, a calm, reassuring song to end the record. Overall this album feels like a trip to another world, the perfect escape into your own mind.

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