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Lucid Phase releases single 'Wind is Gone'

Words by Sophie Schmied 

Lucid Phase’s most recent release, “Wind is Gone” brings modern indie sounds back in time to  reggae waves. The single gives off strong tropical vibes that make this song perfect for all of your summer playlists. The lyrics really represent summer at its finest as well; remember the memories but enjoy the present and every little moment happening now. 

Adding texture to the song, the trippy guitars make everything wavy and old school, it keeps the listener drawn in. The simple, rough vocals perfectly coat the track with the classic indie sound while mixing in cool reggae tones. “Wind is Gone” stands out as a solid indie single simply because the sound is so unique and different from what is currently out there. 

Listen to “Wind is Gone” here and  be sure to check out Lucid Phase’s other tracks. 

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