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Words: Shauna Hilferty // Photo: Katie Temkin

Pop-punk at its finest: Pale Wave’s “Reasons To Live” Single Review 

If you were looking for a song to reclaim your early 2000s rom-com main character montage moment…this is it. 

Pale Wave’s newest single “Reasons To Live” begins suddenly with a bar chord and…weather report. No, really! We start by standing in the rain, clothes soaked through and continue the gloomy trend by drinking on the weekdays and feeling bad for yourself. At some point in between the middle of the chorus and for the remainder of the song, we find someone who allows us to find some solace. And in these lyrics and storytelling, there’s a message of self love and peace that juxtaposes the song’s actual instrumental – something I would best describe as an Avril Lavigne, pop-punk, black-eyeliner-smudge and platform Doc Martens sound. Before the final chorus, we get a little acoustic interlude (and my personal favorite part) that is followed by drums and that distorted guitar, complete with a final callback to the second verses’ recognition of someone who gave more than just “a reason to live.”

Four piece, UK-based rock band Pale Waves released their newest single, “Reasons to Live” on June 8th. Find the link to listen below.

This is following their release of their previous single, “Lies,” which charted on the BBC Radio 1 as the Hottest Record in The World. The release of their upcoming studio album Unwanted, is August 12, 2022 on Dirty Hit. It is very clear that this summer will not only consist of ocean waves, but Pale Waves as well. 

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