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steve. - 'You Can Do This Too'

If you’re into bands like Charmer, Pup, and Hot Mulligan, you’re going to love steve. With a new take on indie-punk, the quartet brings something new and exciting to the table. With dizzying guitar breakdowns and carefree lyrics of ‘Ankle Biter’ and the easy going psych rock of ‘Gansette’, steve. show off their integral “genre-fluidity”.

Their newest release ‘You Can Do This Too’, expresses the band’s general distaste for the current political climate, and the much needed change within our law enforcement practices. In songs like ‘Officer Inbred’ and ‘Axe to the Heavens’, they demonstrate how their not afraid to push the envelope and share their take on what is truly going on in the world. In addition to expressing themselves in an admirable way, steve., sound like the band you know from down the street. They’re flooded with originality, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Besides providing a much needed dose of reality to whomever will listen, steve. have a kind of warm energy that’s so infectious, and you genuinely can’t feel sad while listening to their tunes.

steve. are the kind of band who don’t want to live the ‘rockstar’ life; if anything, they’re put off by it, which is part of the reason they seem so relatable and down to earth not just as musicians, but as people too. In an ever repetitive cookie-cutter world of ‘pop-punk’, steve. are a breath of fresh air to come onto the scene.

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