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The Band Camino debut new pop-anthem  'Roses' 

Words: Shauna Hilferty

Wedged somewhere on the set list in between heartbreak and “Heaven,” is The Band Camino’s latest (and very long awaited) single, “Roses.” I imagine that this song was written for the purpose of a packed house scream-singing the chorus back to Jeffery, Spencer, and Garrison in a venue in their hometown of Nashville, far too crowded for its own good. 

“Roses'' speaks to a feeling of catharsis. The new single focuses on letting things go and enjoying where you are even if it’s not exactly where you intended to be. It speaks to both the beautiful and bittersweet shared feeling just about everyone is experiencing, given that this year has been full of unexpected twists and turns. Ambiguous in words but familiar in feeling, being too wrapped up in the past stunts growth, and lunging headfirst into the future disturbs the present. 

Lead singer and guitarist Jeffery Jordan begins the track with a relatable feelings of uncertainty and self doubt through the first line “A lot’s been changing lately / And I can’t tell / If it’s me or if it’s everybody else.” He goes on immediately to counteract with, “But I’m done wasting my time on the ‘Woe is me’ bullshit that’s keeping me from being myself.” This continues, aided by electric keys and a light drum tap. The use of rhetorical questioning shows how unpredictable everything is at the moment, just to decide right before the chorus that regardless “...we’re getting it wrong.” 

“It’s too bad / When did it get cool to be so sad?” he asks. It is so incredibly easy to get lost in our own problems and worries. It is just as easy to be cynical and sometimes, that is exactly what we need to be at the end of a long day, week, month, and especially this year. “We’re spinning backwards / Did we all go mad? / Yeah, we’re only human.” These lines are not suggesting to forget pressing issues, but remind us that our feelings remain valid while we try to solve them.The line speaks to enjoying life’s really simple pleasures and having a little perspective for our own sake and for those we care about. The chorus chants, “Yeah, we're only human but we've got hands and hearts and noses / So stop and smell the f**kin' roses.” 

Jumping quickly to the second verse, we hear a callback to a previously released song “What I Want.” Both the aforementioned and this verse dive into the feeling of being outside one’s self, as if your life is out of your control. “I said that I would never get what I want / But I was only looking for a reason to flaunt,” again highlights that it is a lot easier to complain and even embellish the unflattering aspects of life. 

The second verse couplet asks “Does it matter if it's uphill, downhill?” just to answer itself in the following line “I'm lettin' it go, I'm lettin' it out.” Rather than looking at things as up or down, glass half-empty or half-full, or the black and white (if you know you know), take things for what they are regardless of how you want to perceive them. 

There are most definitely aspects of The Band Camino’s past releases in allusions to their own songs, the self-reflection, funky guitar distortion and not to mention those classic Camino 80s-esque keys guiding the listener into the bridge. The way that “Roses” addresses self awareness is comical, empowering, and groovy. It is absolutely what The Band Camino does best. 

Click above to watch the video for 'Roses' ! 

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