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Tyler Posey releases new single 'Happy'

Words by: Sophie Schmied

Tyler Posey's new single 'Happy'...

embraces a modern take on the classic pop-punk sound we all know and love. Posey tackles the relatable issue of telling people he’s happy just so he doesn’t have to express his true feelings. In today’s society we can all relate to that feeling of not really knowing why you’re not happy but just knowing you’re not. The repeating line of “if I tell you I’m happy will that make you go away?” really sets that nagging feeling into place. 

Musically, Posey puts a modern pop-punk flare onto Happy. It helps to further portray the angst and disgruntlement he feels with this song. The upbeat sound distracts the listener from the overall mundane meaning of the song. The song is paired a slightly comical music video of Posey in a blue jumpsuit with matching blue hair, over exaggerating his actions and running down a street. The video ends with Posey running down the street in his underwear, respectfully. 

Overall, Tyler Posey created a relatable angsty, summer anthem expressing all of our feelings on not quite reaching that happy feeling we all strive for. 

Check out 'Happy' on Spotify and the sick new music video out now on Youtube! 

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