At Capacity

A look into the world of Class Photo by Rebecca Mae

Class Photo’s debut album entitled Light Years Later (out November 8th) is sure to lift your spirits and get you dancin’.  

Class Photo is a solo project of former STRFKR band member Patrick Morris, who is now based in Norway. He last performed with portland-based indie pop band at Coachella in 2014, before breaking off on his own to pursue a solo project that would become Class Photo. 

The band’s latest single “Yeah You Break (My Heart)” is filled with warm synths and plenty of falsetto. Paired with some funky sound effects, this track is a bouncy intro to the rest of this quirky collection of songs. Their debut single (released back in February) “I’ve Been Cleaning Your Room” is more grounded, more inspired by grunge indie rock; the vocals are much more natural and straightforward. It’s full of catchy and simple lyrics, making this track the most infectious of the 3 singles already released. Another previous single is “Hard Conversation”, which despite the lightheartedness of the instrumentation and production, this song touches on the death of a parent. This song seems to merge the styles of the first two tracks: upbeat and bouncy, bizarre vocals layered with clear vocals, all paired with a pretty heavy subject matter. 

Make sure to check out Patrick Morris’ new solo project Class Photo now, and listen to the debut album “Light Years Later” out November 8th!



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