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DREAM BOY - Waterparks Review

By Christina Morgan 

On the night of
August 14th, Texas-based pop-rock group Waterparks, released their
latest single ‘Dream Boy’. The song is the third track that has premiered
from the band’s newest album entitled Fandom, in addition to ‘Turbulent’,
and ‘Watch What Happens Next’. The album is expected to drop later
this fall, on October 11th.  It premiered on the radio station Sirius XM
, after trending on twitter as the #1 trend. Comprised of lead
singer Awsten Knight, bassist Geoff Wigington, and drummer Otto Wood, Waterparks
have always been a band where they are always able to get some kind of
message across, whether that be about relationships, what it’s like to be a
musician, or just life in general. ‘Dream Boy’ is an upbeat track, with
just the right amount of pop and electric, along with satirical lyrics. It’s reminiscent
of  early 2000s pop, with just a dash of
MGMT, and hints of the Gorillaz.

The band has never
been afraid to shed light on the wrong doings of the music industry, which
makes this track no different. ‘Dream Boy’ addresses the overtly
materialistic/cookie-cutter image that the industry strives to market to the
masses. In addition to exposing unfair industry practices, the song is rather
unique in the way that it begins with the chorus: “Am I the boy you dreamed
of? Living in your self-conscious…Do you believe in love?”.
These lyrics
specifically point out how at a young age, a person can become infatuated with
a musician to such an extent that they’re constantly being thought of. Although
a quite satirical track, the lyrics “I was born to be your favorite…”
highlight the ‘perfect’ standards that boybands like NSYNC, One Direction, The
Vamps, among many other artists were, or are currently held to. It seems as
though these artists are specifically curated in a way, whether it’s through
contract, or management, to represent this idea of a person who they want to
show the world. The lyrics continue to poke fun at these rules and regulations
with “Build a boy, pick your pieces, overjoyed never leave your heart
destroyed, I’m your boy…custom-made, your beloved…I’m your favorite.”

 In some cases, artists aren’t allowed to share if they are in relationships, or show certain parts of their personality, and are marketed to mass audiences as being ‘single’ so they are more appealing to their most often than not teenage-girl comprised fanbase. Therefore, the thought is put into the young impressionable girls’ heads (for the most part) that there’s a chance they could be with their ‘idol’. The most obvious result of this is such a damaging perspective to have, but it makes the management companies more money and in turn, the artists more marketable. Although this is clearly wrong, and takes advantage of young teens in the most vulnerable years of their lives, it also creates a strong fanbase who should not be discounted due to their specific gender-heavy demographic. This constant regulation of said artists’ personal, and public lives, including how they dress, speak, what they say in interviews, date (romantic lives), etc. really take a toll on their lives. The industry moguls know that these people they’re essentially controlling to the nth degree, are actual living breathing human beings, with free will, who crave a creative environment to make their own art on their own terms.

With this track, Waterparks
express their feelings and frustrations for the music industry, while
supplying fans with an upbeat pop song, ironically the same kind of songs they
are deconstructing. ‘Dream Boy’ is a successful electro-pock track, that
has currently reached over 21K views on YouTube. 

Check by out Dream Boy here! 

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