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Interview with Running On Empty

Words by Jasmine Calcitas

The California-based band, Running On Empty, released their first single, “Dirty Campaigns”, this past week…AND they haven’t even graduated from high school yet. The track is a fresh sound to the rock genre and is very socially aware. The young five member band showcases their talent and passion for music in all that they’ve put out so far, whether it be a single or posts on Instagram of their intimate shows. At Capacity was able to speak with drummer, Gavin, about how their new single and what’s to come.

Happy release week! How does it feel to have your first single out?

It feels great to finally have our music out in the world! We have been working on recording for about three months! It’s awesome to see our friends listen to a song that we made!

What was the writing/recording process like for the song?

Our writing process usually starts with a riff. With this song we made drum and bass parts around the main guitar riff and later created vocals to match the energy of the song.

How would you describe your work to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

I would say, “Imagine five teenagers got fed up with sitting school all day every week. These five teenagers became friends and one day went to Taco Bell. They drank 4 liters of Baja blast each and then went and made some quality music.

What inspired the five of you to start a band?

We were inspired to start a band by some of our friends such as Strange Case and Sir Please. Also, my dad’s band, Clyde, has been a big inspiration for me personally.

In your Pinstriped interview, Anthony said that creativity comes from within. Do you find that all of you help cultivate that creativity within each other when writing music or do you find that you start with the ideas individually then bring it to the whole band once you have more of a grasp on it?

I think that we all bring the creativity out from within each other and that it shows in how cohesive our single sounds.

Who are some of your influences as individual artists and as a band?

Some influences on our band are System of a Down, early Maroon 5, Ocean Alley, Rush, and Santana.

Where do each of you hope to be in the next five years as individual artists and as a band?

In the next five years we want to be on a cross country tour of the US!

As a concert-goer, what has been your favorite or most memorable show?

SYSTEM OF A DOWN. They were amazing live and I will never see a show that could top

it. They were so tight and the crowd loved it. Definitely a night I will never forget for the rest of my life.

From the concerts you have played as a band, what’s your favorite moment so far?

Our favorite moment is a recurring one. We cover “Siva” by Smashing Pumpkins in almost every show and near the end we have a wall of death. That’s gotta be some of the best experiences I have had in my
life seeing people crash into each other.

What do you hope listener’s gain from your music going forward?

I hope listeners enjoy our music! we want our music to make people happy and overall emanate positive vibes! we hope they come to our shows after listening.

With the release of this first single, can we expect an EP or more in the next year?

I would expect the release of another single very soon and after that an album!!!!!

Finally, what should we expect for the future of the band?

The future of the band is to continue putting on and playing in awesome shows! We have our own festival we run a few times every year so that’s coming up again in the summer and we will release music as
we have the money to record it!

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